On what was looking like a cloud grey Saturday, 40 Beaver Scouts from 1st Woodmancote arrived at Slimbridge Wetland Centre for a day of exploring and learning about wetlands. Not only was it a great day, but the weather was sunny!

During their visit, the Beavers learnt about the different types of birds at the centre, such as geese, cranes, Kingfishers and various Flamingos. They listened to a short talk from one of the training staff on how they train some of their display birds. 

Each Beaver borrowed some yellow binoculars, which they used in several hides and from the tower. 

Of course, being Scouts, it wouldn’t be without trying something new: dissecting owl pellets. Using tweezers, the Beavers discovered what food the Owls had been eating, such as vowels and other small creatures. 

As they reflected on the visit, the Beaver has gained knowledge on why wetlands and conservation work are vital to our animals and the planet. 

Are you a Squirrel, Beaver or Cub section and would like to visit? Get in touch with the WWT Education team using this email address