Our people

Meet the team

District Lead Volunteer

Chris Lodwig

Chris’ role is to manage and support the Scout District to ensure it runs effectively and that Scouting within the District develops in accordance with the rules and policies of The Scout Association so that the District provides good quality Scouting for young people and proactively supports and manages adults in the District.

District Chair

Matthew Richards

Matthew chairs the Trustee Board which supports the District Lead Volunteer in carrying out their role. The District Trustee Board shapes our decisions, approves our strategy and monitors our performance. It is the role of the exec to ensure good governance and that the district has the resources it needs to operate.

District Youth Lead

Sam Gilchrist

The District Youth Lead gives young people a senior-level voice, offering valuable leadership experience. They ensure involvement of ages 6-25 in shaping local Scouting experiences, empowering them to share ideas and influence program decisions.

Volunteer opportunities

We need tea makers, activity planners, tidy-uppers and helpers for as little or as much time as you can spare.

Scouting structure

Across the UK, we’re proud to be a single family of Scouts. Find out how we all connect locally and nationally.

Volunteer experience

We’re transforming volunteering at Scouts to make it easier, more enjoyable and rewarding.

Programme Team

District Beaver Lead

Nic Coates

District Cub Lead

Gareth Farrell

District Scout Lead

Simon Kent

District Explorer Lead

Debs Witt

District Water Advisor

Shelley Wright