On Saturday the 8th of October 2022, 1st Woodmancote Beavers (Acer, Oak & Birch colonies) made a trip to Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park.

A fun-filled day trip to explore farming, find out about conservation and spend time outdoors. Some of the activities included visiting the animal barns with the chance to hold one-week-old chicks, get up and close to few-week-old piglets and find out about baby guinea pigs.

During the visit, the Beavers had a chance to explore the ‘Rare breeds through history’, hand-feeding the goats, sheep and cows. Whilst exploring this area, they learned about modern farming and what is was like during the Viking-era.

A nature walk through the conservation and woodland areas, spotting the beehive (and finding the Queen bee). It was also a chance to put some Scout skills to the test and build some dens.

With the newly opened ‘Pumpkin Patch’, each Beaver hand-picked their own pumpkin to take home. However, first they had to find their way out of the sunflower maze!

It was also a surprise to bump into Adam Henson, Countryfile presenter and owner of Cotswold Farm Park.