Activity Weekend Helpers

We are looking for volunteers, including parents to assist non-swimming children, to help for either day or the whole weekend.

If you are a Scouts Volunteer/Leader, please provide you membership number.
If your group is not listed, please select ‘Other’ above and enter the group name here.
Please give details of any allergies or medical conditions including any medication which will be brought with you or participant. If none, please state ‘NONE’
Please give details of any dietary requirements. If none please state ‘NONE’.
Please give details of who to contact in case of an emergency during the activity and relevant telephone numbers.
To be filled in by the parent/guardian if the participant is under 18, or by the participant if over 18.I give permission for my child to attend the aforementioned event. I also give permission for photographs to be taken of my child and used for publicity purposes. I understand that the event Leader reserves the right to send any participants home if necessary. No responsibility for the personal equipment/clothing and effects can be accepted by the event organisers and The Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect to such items. I will inform the event Leaders if any of the information given on this form changes before the event takes place.